The Ranger Up just is a modified version of the salmon ladder as seen in the popular television show ‘American Ninja Warrior’. Let’s get the rules out of the way first:

Elite Rules: 

  • Participants must complete the obstacle from a hang with no feet touching the ground or structure in any way.
  • If a participant falls from the bar they must begin again from the bottom.
  • The obstacle is not complete until both sides of the bar are in the correct rungs of the structure and the attendant says the athlete has completed the obstacle.
  • Participants do not need to transition back down the ladder and may leave the bar at the top once they have finished.

To complete this obstacle, there is a pull-up bar held into place through rungs on either side and the objective is to get the bar up each set of rungs until you reach the top.

Technique:  Participants must begin hanging from the bar on the colored rungs.  They must then transition from a hang with their feet off the ground up each set of rungs until they reach the rung that is the same color as the one they started on.  This will be a 3-rung climb. Different sides of the structure are to be used by different height. The athlete must reach the correct rung with both sides of the bar.  Once the correct rung is reached the obstacle attendant will instruct them that they have completed the obstacle and can drop from the bar.

This obstacle requires a tremendous amount of explosive upper body strength and power, so when training keep back exercises and especially pull-up and chin-up movements in mind! This movement demands control and so having a good foundation by knowing the movement is crucial to completing this obstacle efficiently.