Technique:  Athletes must climb up a single rope and ring the bell at the top with their hand.

Elite Rules: 

  • Athlete must climb a single rope.
  • Athlete must ring the bell with their hand. No feet.
  • Climbing two ropes or ringing the bell with feet will result in having to repeat the obstacle or forfeit the elite band.

This obstacle is grueling and requires whole body strength and agility to overcome. Using your feet is a crucial part of getting up the rope quickly and safely, so be sure to not rely on just using your arms and upper body to complete this one. A good trick to use on this one is to wrap the rope around your leg and then use your top foot to step on the rope and push yourself up. This takes a lot of load of off your legs together and allows for a more natural progression up the rope.

If you end up struggling throughout the race, make sure to rest and prepare before attempting this obstacle for your own safety and to give it your best shot. When coming back down be sure to do it slowly and safely to ensure you get back to the ground without any injuries.

We do not want anybody falling from the top of the rope!!

Try climbing ropes around if possible, as this is a unique movement that can only really be practiced through trying it. However, upper body and arm strength are a huge part of completing this one. Good luck and stay safe, happy training!