How do you honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice?

This is our Challenge. This is our Story. By honoring Veteran’s service we discovered our pillars of purpose. Challenge, Service and Community.

The Memorial Walk is about bringing our pillars of purpose together in honor of Nebraska’s fallen. We walk to remember them, we walk to keep their stories alive, and we walk so that we may never forget the price of the freedom we enjoy every day. The Memorial Walk is about getting out and taking action in a way that empowers the Nebraska community to never forget those who gave all of their tomorrows for all of our todays. So lace up your shoes, read their stories, join their families, and walk in honor of their sacrifice!

“Their Lives they held their country’s trust; They kept its faith; They died its heroes” -Hartley Burr Alexander

The Memorial Walk is a one mile walk for all ages.

Register for the Memorial Walk or Big Red Challenge on June 13, 2020 here: