In this obstacle, athletes must find a way to traverse over the bar. They can do this any way they seem fit so long as they travel over the highest bar on the obstacle.

Elite Rules:

  • Athletes must begin on the side of the bar they approach, or underneath the bar.
  • Athletes must then find a way to get their body up and over the bar.
  • The athlete must traverse over the highest bar with all parts of their body.
  • Athletes can use any part of the structure to assist with the exception of supporting straps for safety reasons.
  • Athletes are allowed to use the “college-boy roll method” for the single bar, meaning they kip their legs up the backside of the bar and then roll over the top, as long as the movement is completed with a forward roll over the bar.
  • Falling uncontrolled from the bars will result in the athlete having to re-attempt the obstacle.

If you are struggling to overcome this obstacle, the easiest and quickest way to overcome it is by jumping up to first grab hold of the bottom most bar in order to start pulling themselves up. You can also use the support posts to walk your feet up to get up and over the bar. Try and get your furthest leg over the bar and press upwards with your arms to get on top. You can then drop over the other side to complete this obstacle. Muscle ups are a fantastic way to train for the sort of movement you will need to overcome this obstacle, and should be an essential part of your training routine for this race.