The Berlin Wall is a challenging obstacle that requires the participant to hurdle either a 5ft or 8ft wall depending on the race that you are participating in. It requires a tremendous amount of upper body strength and agility, so just like the Ranger-Up make sure to work on those pull-ups!

Elite Rules:

  • Participants are not allowed to use any part of the A-Frame supporting structure to transition up the wall.  Placing hands or feet on the supporting structure will count as a fail and the obstacle will have to be attempted again.
  • Participants must transition up the wall entirely under their own power.  Assistance from volunteers/participants is counted as a fail and the obstacle must be re-attempt from the bottom.

Technique:  Participants will begin facing the front of the wall and likely using a running start will jump to grab the top of the wall.  They must then pull themselves up and over the wall and drop down on the back side. Once they reach the back side of the final wall in the group the obstacle is complete

Due to the high amount of upper body strength required, open wave runners may use the assistance of other competitors to help overcome this obstacle. If you see someone struggling, be sure to offer out a hand! Elite runners however must complete this obstacle completely under their own power without any assistance, so if possible find a wall or similar structure to practice on ahead of time, as they make a great practice obstacle.